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Who We Are

Daily Data was incorporated in 1995 as a progression of the work of R. W. 'Rod' Rodolico and C. S. Overstreet. In 1996, we were joined by Loren Schweitzer and Welda Miller, with these four forming the basic group and retaining control of the company.

Daily Data continues to be the focus of a group of employees and contractors, which has allowed us to expand our services to include Network Systems Administration, Custom Programming, Web Site creation and hosting, Technical Support, even going so far as to create custom hardware when necessary. Our range of expertise covers Linux, Apple OSX and all forms of Microsoft DOS and Windows. Amongst our group of skilled technicians, administrators and programmers, we cover the gamut of computer services needs.

Daily Data bases its operations out of the Lakewood area of Dallas, Texas, with our focus being there. We have clients from all across the United States, however, and consultants in the United Kingdom and Ukraine.

Our philosophy


The basic idea behind Daily Data was to create an I.T. (Information Technology) department for small to medium businesses, similar to those enjoyed by large corporations, enabling the staff to concentrate on running the business. As such, Daily Data maintains a philosophy of keeping the technology at the level needed by the client, never selling products or services to the clients unless there is a simultaneous return on investment to offset the costs.

In keeping with our basic philosophy, we entered into the Linux world in 1996 as an alternative to operating systems currently on the market suck as Novell Netware, Microsoft Windows 95, and other various solutions. Both Linux and Daily Data have grown in the last 10 years, and we can offer services for Linux, Windows, and Apple OSX to meet any client's needs.

Daily Data still maintains the clients' interest as the bottom line. With the recent increase in reliability at affordable prices, we have moved from custom building hardware solutions to recommending the commercial systems we feel most appropriate for our clients. This has freed us up to focus more on new technologies that may be of benefit to our customers such as Wikis and Voice Over IP phone calls. Technology is changing so fast, and Daily Data is there investigating and testing new products that may of benefit to our customers.

Daily Data's smaller size allows rapid changes to new technology, while our wide base of consultants offer the depth to concentrate on even large projects for extended periods of time.

We have found our niche in the world: we are the IT Department for small businesses that don't need a full time staff. Our goal is to make IT work for you. This philosophy has proven itself by our base of loyal clients, to whom we are very grateful for your business.

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