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For many years, Daily Data has expanded mainly based on referrals from existing clients. We have always felt that satisfied existing clients are the best advertisement available.

However, we also feel strongly that any source that increases our business should receive some form of gratitude, and this is where the Client Referral Service comes in.

With regards to existing client retention, we have always felt that new work for existing clients should receive special attention and pricing for that client. However, in addition to these practices, we also offer the following to clients who expand on their existing services.

Expansion of Recurring Services

Adding to your Daily Data Recurring Services

Daily Data offers many services including:

  • web hosting
  • online backup services
  • server co-location
  • monthly maintenance
  • many, many more solutions that are ongoing and recurring

Sign up for multiple ongoing services and receive a discount on the total package equivalent to 5% times the number of services signed up for over one.

Example: Client currently has a maintenance contract for multiple servers and workstations at a given site (1 service). Client then adds backup service for the workstations and servers on the same site (second service). Client would receive a 5% discount on both services. Add a third service (web hosting) and receive an additional 5% discount on all three services (ie, 10% on all three services).

This is in addition to any discounts such as multiple domain hosting and annual contracts.

Other Client Discounts

Annual Contracts:
All of our contracts are "pay as you go," generally billed on a monthly basis. However, if you pay annually, we don't have to do the extra paperwork of invoicing you each month. In return, receive a 5% discount on all services paid annually.

Multiple Web Site Hosting:
Host two web sites with us at the regular price, get the third at no cost. To qualify, all sites in this program must be billable to a single account. Thus, while multiple owners may exist for the domains in question, all hosting services must be under one account responsible for all payments.

Referral Programs for Existing Clients

New Clients

When you, an existing Daily Data client, refer a client to us, credit on your existing service equal to three months of the new contract. Thus, if you, a web hosting client, refer a new web hosting client to us at the same level, you will receive three months free hosting

Credits are posted each month for the first quarter of service upon payment by the new client.

Non-client referrals

Daily Data will also pay Referral fees to new business brought in by non-clients. The Referral fee is generally a portion of the set up fee for the new client after a certain time of continuous service or, in the case of "one shot" projects, a percentage of the overall contract fee. The referral fee is paid in cash.

This option is also available to clients who prefer a cash payment in lieu of credit. Contact us for additional details.

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